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This is off topic, but it’s bothering me. I haven’t bought any Jay Strongwater items except the Lauder solids, so I don’t know anything. I see people selling his items way below retail on ebay (even with buy-it-now)…as much as $100 below. Certain sellers have a never ending supply. My question is: how can you tell the difference between authentic and fake Strongwater items? [Confused]

I’m not saying I feel suspicious of any seller….it’s just I don’t know what the usual characteristics of authentic merchandise are. How can people sell it for lower prices? By the way, the sellers have good feedback and plenty of it.

The obvious: some rhinestone frames are listed as Strongwater like. No problem, I saw them at Hobby Lobby and Bed Bath & Beyond.

I’m interested in buying a Strongwater compact eventually and don’t want to pay retail. Do you guys think it’s safe to buy from ebay? [Confused]