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Welcome Shannon! I've been collecting solid perfumes for 5 years now and have over 500 now. So yes, it is very addictive. Be sure to check out the past topics on the forums on this site. It will help you not make some mistakes with collecting solids. I have seen the new EL Celesial solids on the Harrods website and they are fabulous.

The Imperial Princess is the most wanted with the EL solids (well at least so far that is my most wanted!)

I am out of Jax, FL.

I started collecting solid perfumes after my grandfather died and my grandmother gave me these two tiny gold boxes…on researching them, I found out they were solid perfumes and that's how it got started. On a sad note, my grandmother who began my solid perfume collection bug, passed away last week. I just came in on the train this morning from Maryland for the service. It is the sad end of a wonderful era with my grandparents. I am thankful for all the lessons in life she showed me, especially the love of collecting solid perfumes!!

Jennifer in Jax