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Hi Everyone,

I think I am stirring up a hornet’s nest here!

I was having a discussion on the phone with a girlfriend of mine, as she was interested in the Collectors of E.L. solids. I obviously mentioned various problems that some collectors encounter, etc. and some of the attitudes towards E.L and the negativity with their lack of communication and response to the Collectors. My girlfriend came back with a simple remark.

“Surely the solids play a very small role in the overall profit of E.L.”

Please don’t come back ‘shouting’ at me, but on reflection, she has a very good point. E.L is known for it’s beauty products, which of course, I do not have to list as they are endless. Before discovering the solids, E.L represented to me, a company producing and marketing a diverse range of products in this line. I was unaware over the years of the delightful solids.

Therefore, and I put this question to you all, is it not feasible that we are only a very minor part of this massive organisation, and that is why it is not receiving the attention and involvement which the collectors feel it should?

PLEASE do not take these comments as derisory, as I would be the first to agree that however small a part each outlet plays, it should still be given as much nurturing and care as any other. The point here being, if you are bothering to produce on a small scale it still warrants the same attention. And if not, then don’t bother to produce it at all!

Well this is just a thought but I really had no redress to my friend’s remark. In other words “we are a very small cog in a very large wheel” and as such, can ‘we’ expect the attention and thought, which ‘we’ would like to receive?!

Just a thought,

Jacqueline… [Confused] [Wink]