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Hi all,
Read all the comments with interest. I wrote to the Estee Lauder company with a few ‘questions’, but they never wrote back. So I phoned them about it, and was told the letter was not received. I directed (a copy) to the person I was speaking to. In the mail I got a couple of nice samples of lipstick etc and an acknowledgement, but no reply to my letter. I am truly delighted about these ‘New’ ideas on solids, haha I even wrote to Bob Conte 6 of them a couple of years back. The globe was one of my suggestions, but a different style. When I saw Bob at the Vegas convention, he said they don’t make what people suggest since there might be a lawsuit, or claim for $$$. (I thought that ridiculous)Here are some more of my ideas:
Bull (for matador). Each Year 1 new instrument
like a HARP, a cat (persian) a dog (so many varieties) and Houses… (similar to the gingerbread house & Lilliput Lane varieties).
I’m sure I have run out of room, loved all the ideas…’specially the jewelled money/coin haha
I would like to say hello to the ‘other Aussie’ on site!
Lorraine [Big Grin] [Big Grin] [Smile]