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Hi Everyone,
Can I add my two cents?

I complain (quality and prices) but I love the Estee solids and I will continue to collect them. I’m just more selective but it’s still a thrill to see the new ones each year. Furthermore, I love all solids and I don’t think that I will ever stop collecting them as long as there is Ebay, flea markets, antique shows, swap etc. where I can hunt for my little treasures.
Lisa like the others I wanted to say thanks for this wonderful place to share thoughts, ideas, etc with others like me (solid collectors)

Okay getting back to the original post—how about a solid designed to resemble a collector with his/her pockets turned out indicating that there is no more money for the Estee Lauder solids! JUST KIDDING!

I would love to see miniature furniture. It would be cute to have a sofa, chairs, table, etc.

Until next time,