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Everyone is more than welcome to post views on this board. That is what it is for. But let’s not forget we all are here for the same reasons- collecting Lauder solids. Sure there are going to be things we as collectors don’t like or agree with but change don’t happen overnight things like this take time. Because I don’t agree with some things it is not going to make me stop buying solids, I buy only the ones I really like and that’s that. Pancho if you are going to stop buying them that is your perogative. You seem not to be happy with my site and I am sorry for that. Like I stated before every one is welcome to express ones opinion but when you state that you are a “bigger collector” than the rest of us or why should we care what solids come out next year be prepared for others to express their opinions to you in return.

Now back to the original topic “If you could design a solid for next year what would it be??