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Hi Miss Ray….you are right, I ordered the Harrod’s pieces awhile ago. I had also ordered the Palace, but after reading the comments on this site, I cancelled it. I have no regrets about it, especially since there were more of the Palace made than the other Harrod pieces.

I know it is not a competition, but I have been collecting compacts and solids (not just Estee’s) for about 13 years now. I guess since this site is strictly for Estee lovers I should not participate in it since I am not one of their biggest fans anymore for many reasons.

I apologize for any comments that were perceived as “negative”, it is not my intent to offend any collectors. I was hoping that perhaps someone who works for the Estee company would read my comments, and that is who they were directed at.

I have made many wonderful friends throughout the years because of being part of the Powder Puff Club which Roselyn Gerson started. She is a true delight, a friend and being a part of the club is great fun and I am always promoting it. Roselyn originally started the club for compacts which I will continue to collect as well as older solids. Roselyn keeps everyone up to speed on the new Estee’s (hence the book) so if you are not a member be sure to join!

I hope everyone has as much fun as I have had over the years and I do not want to detract from your enjoyment. I will continue to look in every now and then… [Wink] .Happy collecting…signing off…..Pancho