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There are 3 Kenneth J Lane solids in Gerson's Purse Accessories, page 36. KJL has always been famous for costume jewelry. He was very popular with the big Hollywood stars and their wives as some of them preferred his styles rather than wearing real jewels. At an antique show one dealer had a huge display of KJL. In a discussion wiht her she said KJL had made paste copies of all of Jackie Kennedys jewelry that she took with her when she traveled. Can't vouch for the validity of that statement. There is usually some KJL jewelry listed on ebay. The coral piece pictured is a nice size, 2″ across, heavy, excellent quality. I love the clunky free form gold look. The back label has “Sold for Kenneth J Lane – by Gryphon Dev, Inc NY NY. I am sure I have seen Gryphon name on other solids. Does anyone know if that company produced solids for other jewelers/designers?