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Gosh Denise, Lymes disease can be fatal you must have been very scared.
They do a lot of filming in Glasgow and I watch films to see if I can pinpoint locations. A lot of builidngs they use look really different.
If any of you saw House of Mirth, this was filmed in Glasgow and they used
Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery in lots of it. For instance it was the New York Opera House in one scene. One of the rooms in our City Chambers here was Gillian Anderson's bedroom.
George Clooney is over here just now filming too.
Last year Samuel L Jackson was filming locally and a friend of mine said that if you took vidoeos (of previous films) he was actually autographing them for fans. She said he was a really nice person. She met Ewan MacGregor before and got her photograph taken with him. (She was Ga-Ga for about two weeks after that!)