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Thanks to all your nice words, but the pic was taken by my husband who is in Italy right now. I'm in Switzerland and we have quite a bit of snow too here in town.
The fence is an electric sheep fence for our big Leonberger, as when there are females in heat he digges himself under the normal fence and off he is.

The house is an old farm house, not a villa.

Dante, if you like warm or even hot temperatures Tuscany in November might even be a little too cold for you. I consider September or October.

Martha, these are 2 trees, but don't ask me their name in English. The one to the left is a tree with falling down branches and he carries blackberries. the one to the right is a sort of palmtree, I guess he will die now.

Denise I love the icikles very much…they just look great.

Have a great weekend