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I knew going on vacation was a BAD idea! Too many problems were popping up at once. I wshould have stayed home. Right now I'm on vacation in Sweden. Will be going to Denmark in a few days. My family says I left at a good time, but I'd rather be a home preparing. Luckily, my family lives in the north side of town where ground is higher. They shouldn't get any flooding. but quite concerned about the big trees falling on their roofs. They stocked up on supplies but had trouble getting a few things like plywood and propane for the gril. They wil get together with other relatives in case someone's home gets destroyed.

I live in a 2nd story apartment that won't stand a chance against heavy wind, so I'll probably loose everything. Bye-bye solids. My car is on the roof of the airport parking garage!

My hotel”s internet system is difficult to type< so i'll say buy for now.