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Those traffic jam photo's are so real to me as I spent 12 hours in them…LOL…Rita was
coming to houston so Trey, Robin, the kids, 1 cat & 2 dogs all headed out. We heard they were going to open a contra flow lane at 5pm so we decided to wait till then to leave.

We planned to go to Austin to stay with a friend….this is a normal 3hr 20 minute drive…When we got on the contraflow lane(eastbound lanes that were converted to westbound) about a mile from my house and got on , it was smooth sailing, 60 mph for about 30 minutes to Katy….then we hit the parking lot. We had top speeds from there on at about 2-4 mph….yeppers I said two miles per hour. that was not a typo. We were in convoy. Trey in the wranger Jeep with the cat, Robin in Trey's Liberty jeep with her 2 kids and me in the rear with the 2 dogs(Y2K, my scottie and Knucklehead, Trey's dog that is part bull dog part sharpei) I took all my solids with me( not going to worry while I'm gone about all of them getting too hot in case we lost power. Also took a few other things that I could sell in case we needed fast cash to survive on(1st edition books that were signed and some valuable paintings) I mean after all Hurricane Rita was supposed to be a direct hit at Cat 5…with all the trees around my house, I fully expected to return to a destroyed house.

AFter 2 pottie stops for dogs, kids and me , we made it to Austin in 12 hours….The last hour was very nerve wracking as my brand new car was shuttering and we were having to baby it along at 45 miles per hour as I could just see us trying to shift stuff from one car to another car to get into Austin with all the stuff we had packed in three cars. ( SIDE COMMENT ON THIS STORY….the next morning the jeep place tells me that I had jeep 1.0 in the jeep computer and it should have been upgraded to Jeep 2.0…LOL….dumb windows jeep program will do it to you every time). so they upgraded the computer program and it runs perfectly now.

AS we now know the trip was totally unneccessary, as the cat 5 fizzled thank goodness to a cat three and went in to Beaumont instead of Houston.
The trip home, we came back roads only stayed off the freeway and made it home in 4 hours…but there was still a traffic jam on I-10 for those that didn't have the quick thinking to get off the freeway's and take the back roads like we did.

When we got home my yard looked like ww2 had hit it….limbs branches, leaves all over the place, luckily nothing hit the roof.( I think, but won't know for sure till it rains)….but the freezer and the fridge and the 2nd freezer were disastrous ….Phew what a smell when I opened the garage door.
I threw away 5-50 gal garbage cans full of meat, food, and condiments. It took me 2 full days to clean that mess up…..The yardman hasn't shown up since we returned home, so he isn't going to be a happy camper. Found out yesterday that my home owners ins won't cover the loss and neither will FEMA(they say my insurance will cover it…government red tape).
So now y'all know my Hurricane Rita HORROR story.

But we are all alive, just much broker….but y'all get to profit off that cause I now must sell some of my solids , bills to pay and no income for 2 weeks hurts. big time. I'll post a list this weekend…I only wrapped the solids I took with me, so now i must look to see what has boxes and what doesn't….95% of themn have boxes.

email me if you want something special. Know for sure will sell ferris wheel and pumpkin coach