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Yes, I do also wish for everyone's safety, this really is big and New Orleans is 25 feet below sea level (a bowl) and authorities are speculating a 28 foot storm surge that would leave the city under 25 or so feet of water what makes it worse is the only way to remove the water is for it to be pumped out and with loss of electricity people are guessing it would take up to 60 days for the water to be pumped out.

Some of the structures New Orleans were only built to withstand the winds from a catagory 2 storm (I believe that is the code for the area) Katrina is now a catagory 5 and moving over warmer waters where she may strenghten even more. It will make it one of the strongest storms ever recorded.

All our thoughts are with everyone in Katrina's path especially our members.

Please stay safe!