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HI Everyone,

We have power again! YEAH! Thanks Michele and Martha for the offers to send supplies. Solid Perfume collectors are indeed special people! My inlaws are in Asheville and have been dealing with the floods and power outages also Martha. I hope Jeanne doesn't get you again either. I can't believe a 4th storm on the way. Looks like we might be spared this time maybe, but the peninsula of Fl is again in for a bad time. The power workers must be exhausted by now and will have to go back and redo what they just fixed. So much tragedy from these storms, I can't wait till the season is over. The repair crews here are from all over the country, working around the clock to open roads and get power on. There are still homes not far from mine with no power. Hopefully this will all settle down soon. Prayers go out for everyone in Jeannes path be safe, and evacuate if necessary, don't take chances! Donna