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HI Everyone,
I live in Pace just Northeast of Pensacola. The storm was awful! I don't think I will ride one out in my house again, the sound of the wind was very scary. We are all safe, can't ask for more than that,and my house in good shape compared to all I have seen. We were very fortunate.Still a good bit of damage, the roof leaks, the fence, the screen enclosure is smashed, and a big deductible, I won't be buying any solids for a while, but all of mine are OK. I feel terrible when I whine about my little bit of troubles, Many lost lives and others everything they own. So many homes were just totally destroyed. I wishpeople would evacuate from the dangerous areas like they are told, staying there is not going to protect their house and the results are tragic. Today is day six without power. Tonight we have a generator! Not much gas though don't know when I will be online again. The roads are all torn up and traffic is a disaster. I must venture out in it tomorrow though, we are going to try to work; (the office has power) however don't know who will show up to have their teeth cleaned with so much other stuff going on. Talk to you all again when I the power comes back on! Donna