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QUOTE(kasi @ Jan 25 2006, 09:39 AM)
But Jackie, uploading 337 solids to Lisa for sale place was not really an option, it would have overloaded the website, so I did the next best thing, posted all the pics on the website

and emailed an excel spread sheet of what I had paid for them and was willing to accept as an offer for the ones that you wanted.  I underestimated the “worth” on some that have already sold, I found out after doing a 2 month study at ebay, and I have broken even on a lot of them I have sold, and have made a profit on one or two of them….but for the most part I have not made a killing on any solid that I have sold, in most cases I have lost money over original cost.  I still have 137 estees to go to sell and then all the non estees.


Would you please email a copy of your spread sheet to me.
I've looked at your web site and it is amazing. Thank you for your time.