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Hi Karen, I thought I was the only collector who was not enamoured with The Sphere! I wanted it, then when I actually saw it first hand, thought it was so tiny and a little overpriced! There again, it is really interesting to see how we all differ with our likes/dislikes. Harrods Taxi and Phone Booth I did not like either, plus some others. Thank goodness there ARE SOME that I don't like!!!!!!

I still think The Bustier is a little Gem and am sure that one will be sought after later, and the Harrods Van is really one that does not photograph well. Knocks spots off The Taxi and Phone Booth. The Flower Cart is really very nice and I am wondering what they will bring out this year for Mother's Day. It was very limited. I passed on the Barn. Just not my type of solid! (Another escape)! I am sticking to my guns in saying that I think the best CROP this time, having seen Strongwaters in the flesh, was the Lion/Crown, Pillar Box and Bear. Maggie, the Lion/Crown is fantastic but if you actually saw it and still did not like it, that is the one I managed to get! They sold out in no time at all. Probably to us Collectors as it was not a cheap solid!

Now back to saving the pennies/dollars!