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Ann and Ken
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Hi Fee,

Real ivory was once a living thing, elephant tusk,walrus tusk and bone. It will have imperfections and veins like a tree would have.

The ivory plastic that El used in its faux ivory series is smooth and no veins except the atifical ones that are painted on. You can also see mold lines in the plastic. Plus the original price
was $15-35. [Big Grin] [Big Grin]

The plastic used was also not of high quality and that is why you see chipping on the cats ears. [Frown]

Some folks use a hot needle to test for bakelite but if you do that on the El ivory series you will melt a hole in the plastic. On a previous post it was generally agreed that EL did not use bakelite.

Hope this answered your questions. [Big Grin]

Ann & Ken

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