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Martha C
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Oh, the things we do for love. When I was in college, my roommate and I were dating two guys in the navy. To make a long story short, we decided to drive from Ann Arbor, MI (near Detroit) to Boson, MA (where their ship was docked) for a long weekend. This was February, the dead of winter. The quickest way was to drive through Ontario, Canada, crossing over near Buffalo, New York (Niagara Falls was frozen), and then on to Boston.

We had a great weekend and decided to head back Sunday afternoon, drive straight through the night, so we wouldnít miss our Monday morning classes.

Well, somewhere outside of Boston it started to snow, then the snow became mixed with sleet, and soon we found ourselves in a blizzard. There were no SUVís then, and I was driving a baby blue Mustang. Itís late at night, we are both exhausted, the weather is deteriorating, and we realize we have to stop and spend the night. Itís too dangerous to keep driving. Weíre near Syracuse, NY (which is in upper state New York). There are no motels anywhere in sight, when suddenly we see what looks like a motel for truckers.

The trucker motel luckily had a vacancy. When we unlocked the door to our room, we couldnít believe how huge it was, just mammoth, and all the mirrors (what did we know). And it was paneled in knotty pine, just beautiful we thought.

As Iím unpacking the suitcase, thinking how we really lucked out, I notice that the ìknotsî are missing from the ìknottyî pine. So I go over and peek through one of the holes to see if there is anything or anyone there, but all I can see is a cavernous black hole.

By this time, we are so creeped out with the mirrors and missing knot holes that we donít even undress, but get into our beds with our clothes still on. Exhausted, we eventually fall asleep. When we awaken, itís a nice day and we make it back safely, but missed our Monday morning classes.

Before we left the motel, I did look carefully in the snow outside of our window to see if there were any footprints below the window. There were, but I never told my roommate.