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Margaret and Don,

I asked Hostageticker to send me pictures of the inside of his Trolley – He emailed me right back and said he would send them right away (never received pictures of the inside).

I think your Warning note was great!! I would like to see the warning at the top of your page in Giant Red Letters…

Also have been contacting other sellers it looks like he is stealing pictures from and asking them to report him as it hurts their items as well. If I did not use this site I would not know which seller was stealing pictures and would not purchase from the sellers at all.

Maybe just maybe he does not know you can't point and click a picture and say this is what you are selling. Maybe he feels it is the same item so why not use the picture. I really do not feel this is the case – I feel the cheap items and the sad story are just that a story.

I am new to collecting Estee Lauder Solids and have had a bad experience with Ebay and have purchased all of my other solids from members of this site – and I probably will continue to purchase directly from the store or your members.

A big thank you to Lisa and her husband for creating the site and a huge thank you to 2Cute4U2 for sharing this site with me.