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Margaret and Don-
Bravo on what you did on your Ebay listing. Loved your PSA in the sellers payment instructions. A regular person who visits the solid perfume section on ebay can tell right away from your listing what kind of a seller you folks are. All they have to do is read, compare and then use their brain. I guess there is nothing like a grass roots effort to alert the general public about hostigeticker. The time has come.

I wish you the best on your auction-I really do. Love what you did displaying your compacts. The rose is a very nice touch.

I have kept my mouth shut on this Ebay issue of shady people selling compact junk and where they are getting them. I fear I might say something I later would regret. But I do have very strong opinions which mirror what everyone else has said about Ebay and Estee Lauder. What I can post now is Ann is right…Ebay is getting to be a scary place. But its very good the honest people like Margaret and Don have made the public aware of at least one shady seller. Again Bravo!