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Hi Mimi and KK and everyone,
I love this dollhouse because it was handmade by my Uncle John. He made it from
plans from an actual house that was in a book from the Newark Public Library.
The house is similiar to the one we live in, ours was made in the early 1900's and
so was the dollhouse original. The sofa is almost exact copy of the one in our parlor and we have a corner fireplace in our livingroom. My husband does cooling and heating as his business so our fireplace has gas logs that works as the dollhouse was completely wired for electricity by Jerry and I. The diningroom has a fireplace also which has a flickering affect to represent flames.
I made the crewel pillows in the front parlor of the dollhouse as I have done several crewel artworks before for our own house. The doll in the chair is made by an Ohio black woman artist whom use to sell at dollhouse shows.
It is made from art clay as the fairies on ebay. I also purchased a man from the same lady. She did excellent work her pieces are signed and dated.
Darla Knox is her name, I don't attend dollhouse/miniature shows anymore,
so I don't know if she still produces these little people anymore or not.
I took my Uncle John to a dollhouse show one time and he liked it. He always bought and sold dollhouses he had purchased at yard sales until he did this huge one which I ended up buying from him.
Oh! I forgot to mention the dollhouse is so huge my husband and I could not get it into our house so in is in our store next to our home. My Uncle John built it on a platform and I did want to cut it down.
Well I hope you enjoyed some of the details, as I do believe it is one of my best creation so far. <img src='style_emoticons//rolleyes.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’rolleyes.gif’ />