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Yes, international has pretty much doubled, from what I can see.

Small items are best sent in the PMI flat rate envelopes (formerly GPM) for $9.00/$11.00 (they used to be able to be sent for $4.25/$5.25).

Items with larger boxes, such as solids, pretty much ship at a minimum of $20.00 now, unless it's Canada, and then it's around $16.00.

Now, the above is Priority Mail International.

You can still use First Class International (formerly Air Letter Post), and the rates are still reasonable – $7.20 for an 8 oz pkg/$10.40 for a 1 lb pkg (UK, for instance), but they are still higher than they used to be.

I've never been a fan of the transit time for this one, so I stopped using it a few years ago. Too many waylaid packages.

Certainly my overseas shipments will be curtailed with these rates – who wants to pay $11 for small cosmetics?