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Hi Jacqueline,

I do agree 100% with you.
Here comes what I said before concering this:

Hi everyone,

I always was the one who said it would be nice to have a face to each name….I'd like to encourage you all to ad a pic of yourself to your profile … then there would be no problem with confusions.
Give yourself a push (I don't know whether this is correct, I just translated the words we say in German) and ad the pics.



Hello everyone,

I agree with Maggie about beeing pleased that Mimi aded a pic of herself. Everyone should be obliged to ad a pic. I suggested this a long time before as I love so much seeing a face and not only a name. Mimi looks so nice and sympathetic. I also would like very much to see a members list with at least the prename, in which town they live and the e-mail address which would be accessible for members only, like the wonderful database. I know we have the possibility with the “private message”, but I must admit that I often forget to check my messages. Also it would be wonderful to see how interntional we are. I think persons who don't want to expose their identity being a member of a club are strange anyway. What do you all think about that?? Am I eventually strange minded myself??


It has been a long time since I suggested that all member should have to identify themselves, at least towards Lisa & Jack, the owners of this wonderful site. At each club you want to join it is the normal way to inscribe yourself. According to my oppinion privacy is something that in any case doesn't exist anymore in this world (just think about all the spam we have in our e-mails every day). So if one hasn't to hide anything why couldn't she/he indentify her/himself when joining the club??