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It is very difficult for me to understand all what you are saying. I even didn't think EL could be on sale… I saw the Erte Powder on ebay but I really spent enough money and I didn't know the “real” price. But I am still dreaming of my astrological Erte Powder.
Thank to Fee for her nice and fast sale to me (no relation to ebay), the only EL cat I haven't was shipping ” USA only” so I have to wait.
I received my Teddy bear from Harrod's, I can confirm they charge £ 130 and £30 for shipping to France which is very expensive (no custom it's Europe), on ebay the Singapour seller only asks $ 15. It's surprising there is no gift or even a booklet about EL compact in the parcel. As you were planing a trip to Paris don't hesitate for all the Sephora or other perfume shops would have sent a perfume sample and a cosmetic.
It's depressing to buy something too much and find it on sale.
Have a nice week-end.
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