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I think I can say with some degree of certainty (you know that source thing again…) that we do not have these fortnightly sales in Australia. It has been around 3 years since a sale was held here and the queues stretched for kilometres. There were such arguments that none have been held since. (People arrived at closing time and refused to allow the sale to close). Prior to that it was over 8 years since another such sale. At the one 3 years ago there was a limit of 2 “compacts” per customer and people had to have an invitation to attend and hand it in to get in the door. Invitations were given to staff who had the option of inviting a selected number of family and friends. (I was a lucky friend). The sale was for EL merchandise generally (old and discontinued) and not just solids. It was very professionally run. Unfortunately I do not foresee another given the bad behaviour by customers and the stock that got damaged by people who just had to “open and test”.

Otherwise we have limited staff stores here and again a pass is necessary to get in. You have to agree to terms and conditions to be allowed to purchase and that includes no resale of items or return. We do not have anything like your CCC stores for the general public. EL monitors their profile carefully here and misuse of the privilege means you never get admittance again.

It is sad that noone seems to have taken notice of your conference call. Don't they realise that your thoughts are likely to echo those of many collectors????

I have decided to proceed carefully and only buy those I really like. I used to buy every one each year at full retail price but I can't afford to do that when they are not even retaining their value and resale (and I always hope it will never be necessary) is getting so much harder. We are unlikely to recoup our costs!!!!

If the others later come on sale then I may buy some more. In short, I am self treating my “addiction”. The reason is the same as for you, I am annoyed at the treatment of customers and I do not appreciate being told “untruths”.

I am not sure how we resolve the issue. I doubt that SAs will be listened to anymore than us collectors. Maybe we need the ear of store buyers. They, of course, only take notice of sales numbers.

As for buying on e-bay, that may be an option. My question is: Whatever happened to the consumer being “sovereign”?

Karin, the idea of keeping the prices high is to maintain the “prestige” market. Some products actually lose sales if the price is lower (eg wine). At least that's what they taught me at Business School…….

But that doesn't stop us collectors wishing they would lower the prices…..a lot! <img src='style_emoticons//biggrin.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’biggrin.gif’ />