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From what I have been told is the warehouse sales happen every other weekend and the locations are in NY, Australia, Canada and Japan (maybe more but these places I know of) the sales are for “friends and family” and a pass is needed to get in. On the web I found an article of a college in NY advertising these warehouse sales, it is dated 11/2000 and here is what it said:


The FA has passes for the Estee Lauder Warehouse sale on November 25th. Passes are available for either the 8-12 or 12-3:30 sessions. For passes please call Marion at x4151.

The solids sold at these sales sometime come without perfume or box and sometimes come MIB, I have even heard of buy one get one free. One thing I do know is the soilds in the stores stay in the boxes like all the EL merchandise because if out of the box the solid can't be rung up without the UPC code.

I don't want to “return” solids but I really don't know of any other way at drive the point home as we have already explained our feelings on the conferece call and perhaps the sales have slowed down but they are still happening. It is not enough for the collectors to complain- now the SA's and actual stores need to get involved, perhaps then we will see change.

EL may choose to not sell to me as we all know this has happened before but what's to stop anyone else for buying for me or just saving $$ and getting them on ebay.