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Ann and Ken
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I can only for sure say that the solids and powder compacts being sold right now at the warehouse sales are last years and older. Not just empties are sold at the warehouse as they also sell returns from the CC stores and they still have their box.

The solids sell for $10.00 , the powder compacts sell for $5.00 at the warehouse.

The current solids and compacts being sold at discount maybe coming from SA's that are using their store discount to get them and then selling on ebay.

I was offered( she called me) a 30% discount by a SA that I don't use .
I declined ( kick me) and paid retail but never again will I pay retail.
Even some stores are offering “deals” to get this years solids sold as they are not doing well.

I feel bad for the SA's as this is not their fault but I can't keep paying retail when I can buy wholesale. Fool me once , shame on you. Fool me twice, Shame on me.

Check where you bought your solid — some stores only refund within 30 days then you have to take a store credit.