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Elly, how right you are! I remember one of my sisters was a staunch supporter of Enoch Powell, and that didn't go down very well at the time. He was definitely
a man with foresight. Unfortunately we have a bunch of W………… what that little boy was called at school in your last post, in Government!

I do remember the Harrods bombing. I received lots of calls that Saturday as
my friends and family knew that was where I might be. Fortunately I decided
not to go that day. Thank God you came away unharmed!

Your sentiments and mine are the same. Also those of many, many people I come into contact with. Perhaps our politicians do not live in the real world.
What made me annoyed whilst away from London recently, was hearing our
Prime Minister telling everyone to go about their business and not be worried
on the tube and buses. Well, all I can say to that is, did he forgoe his chauffeured limousine or his bodyguards at home? I doubt it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Meanwhile I went to Covent Garden this morning by bus, and the streets
of London were very, very quiet. Next week I have to use the tube every morning, unfortunately, which I am not looking forward to in the least.

Thanks Elly for your post. At least I know there is another one of us
fighting the cause!

P.S. Prior to his death, I was standing at the bus stop at Harley Street, and
noticed Enoch Powell waiting there too. At first I could not place his
face and he must have noticed my looking at him. As he left I smiled
and he raised his hat in acknowledgment. It was a lovely gesture!