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Hi Everyone,

after reading your post Jacky, my husband and I were in Knightsbridge the day of the Harrods bombing, and had come out of the same side entrance where the bomb went off, just hours before.

Chilling to think it may have been you, fate does play a big part in life!

We always had the problem with I.R.A. but now we are living in a totally different world, and the U.K. seems to accept everyone unlike U.S.A. Canada, France etc, WHY do we take all these people in, we are a small island compared to the other countries.

I am sure, as everyone else of my age rue the day they shipped Enoch Powell off to Ireland, as the government didn't like his outspoken policies, what a shame that there are not more M.P's of his caliber around now!!

After giving my opinion may I say that I am not racist, and there is good and bad in all walks of life.