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Nancy, your post reminded me of when the IRA were bombing London. I could hear the bombs exploding and I remember people I knew being trapped in the Balcombe Street seige which is in walking distance from here.

At the time of the bomb being exploded at the Hilton Hotel in Park Lane where I had been working as a temporary in the Banqueting Department for a short while, a very good friend missed the explosion by seconds! He was walking through the Lobby and helped the injured afterwards. His eye witness account was horrendous! The year must have been 1975.

It's strange how certain events gradually fade in our minds. Your post, reminded me, and Yes the world has gone mad and I'm afraid to say that I do blame our politicians for allowing so much of it. Here in the U.K. we are a soft touch and it seems to me that anyone can come here and do whatever they please. No wonder so many people are leaving 'our green and pleasant land'!!!!!!!