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To everyone on the E.L. solids site.

It is a great shame that we have such people in our midst, we do not know who they are and could be your neighbour.

For what it is worth, the neighbours of these terrorists, say they could not believe that these were the people that had done the bombings, as they came from good Muslim backgrounds.

This is why it will never end, and we will continue being shocked by all the attrocities that are happening in the World today.

We will just have to live with it, and not let these people stop us doing what we would do in our daily lives, and that includes travelling to different countries.

The Twin towers bombing didn't stop our family from visiting the U.S.A. and we have been coming over every year for 30 years, and visiting again in October.
So please do not stop visiting our wonderful country, just be very wary as you would in any other destination.
Elly. (A loyal Brit)