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YES the world has gone mad! I would say criminally insane! More then 80 people died in another bomb attack – this time in Egypt. When will it end???!!!! These days there is an over abundance of hatred in the world – we really NEED to start generating kindness over killing. I'm really losing faith in humanity, I think the whole world is starting to go crazy and I wonder where all this will take us. I fear for our children being raised with all this madness – what must they think of us as a whole world!

I believe in little things – please everyone, try to take some time during your daily life to be kind to a stranger, do something nice for a neighbor, help someone you don't know, any kindness we do IS the proof that we are worth saving as a people. Please don't let your fear turn to hatred – I KNOW it's hard in these times and I realize when both your cheeks have been slapped it's hard to “turn them” but I think reason is the key to our salvation as a world – we need more reason in the world. I'm trying to be a more reasonable person myself, for now I can only say I'm trying. I have my moments.

Well, I guess it's another rant in the morning – sorry everyone – Have a GREAT WEEKEND AND BE KIND!!! Katita