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I agree wholeheartedly with Phyllis. The only new solids I definitely buy are the Harrods. I think they really outdid themselves this year, but they are the only ones that seem to hold their value. I did buy all the general distribution solids this year as well. I thught they were really well done and a great value for the money. When they show up on Ebay, you don't take the financial hit that you do with some of the pricier solids. Now I wait for the others to show up on Ebay. I was so tempted last year to buy the Holt Renfrew shopping bag when it first came out. I'm so glad I didn't , I got it MIBB for less than half of it's original price. Ebay has really affected all my other buying as well. I saw a Kate Spade handbag in a Bloomingdales catalog in May. I wasn't willing to spend $395 on it, so I put a search in on Ebay. I waited 7 months, but was rewarded 2 weeks ago and paid less than half. I could have gone lower if I had gone pre-owned, but would rather not. Did anyone here on the site got the tennis racket or grammophone that was listed MIB for $17.99 BIN? I almost died when I saw that one, and sorry to say I didn't get either, they had been sold The seller obviously didn't know what she had, as she could have made more money…