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My Harrods bear arrived safely – nose an’ all and is adorable. I also decided to get the Palace which I think is really nice and looks great displayed with my other solids, though I definately agree with the comments about the quality of it. The fit of the lid leaves a little to be desired and there is one crystal missing from the roof (which I am hoping to find a local replacement for [Roll Eyes] ). For the price I would have expected a little more time and effort put into it – but despite these ‘minor details’I’m very pleased with it. After reading the comments on how some solids had moved around in the box in transit I requested that my Harrods contact pack them with tissue paper within the box to prevent this which she did so at least I feel that I received them in the same condition that they left the store. I would like to say THANKS to everyone for their comments on this subject which I read with interest and enabled me to make my decisions and requests with a little more insight and advice. [Wink] [Cool] [Big Grin]