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Got my Harrods teddy today and I was very pleased with him. He did have his nose and I found shipping to be reasonable. He did bounce around a bit in his box, maybe Harrods could put extra tissue to hold the solid in place during transit.

I was very happy with the card enclosed stating that only 400 were being produced and would like to get the same information for the solids here (# being produced).
I also like the Harrods stamp with the date on the foot of the teddy.

Something I didn’t like was the brochure stating that this years Harrods exclusives were last years and this years Neiman Marcus exclusives. Whose exclusives are they?? Exclusive to me means they only come from one store and cannot be found elsewhere.

Again, this is why I choose not to get most of the Neiman Marcus solids because they can be found at Neimans, Bergdorf Goodmans and Harrods. They will also most likely show up at the CCS at 20% off just like last years- the clown, pirouette, circus tent, artichoke, sphinx etc.

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