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Have just read the last message re Harrods and it doesn’t make sense to me at all (please don’t take this personally).

I was in the store on Saturday and spoke to the girls about what they had left.

The last van I purchased and was told they were not getting anymore in. I wanted to buy another one but they had all gone and there were no more available.

The Harrods Palace was practically finished. They told me that only lOO had been made and only three were left, if that!

More teddy bears were coming in, possibly Tuesday, i.e. tomorrow 15th October.

I am wondering if the person you spoke to was aware of the facts. There are one or two new people at the stand who really didn’t know too much about the solids and were surprised when I mentioned some of these had been released in the States prior to here in the U.K.

If I am near there I will definitely ask again as I would hate you all to think that I am giving out information which is inaccurate.

A rather puzzled, Jacqueline [Eek!] [Mad] [Confused]