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Absolutely right Margaret. The underground station for Harrods is Knightsbridge and I have just been there this evening. Department for tv's etc., were having some sort of gathering i.e. in connection with televisions etc., and the digital changeover. I sort of popped in, popped down a glass of courvoisier and a chocolate or two, and then popped back out. On the way down I looked at the solids once more but nothing that I had not seen before. The bear is very cute and this time I had a loooooooooooong look at the tube! Sorry, but to my way of thinking they could have done alot more with it and I had to search for any writing/lettering. Not impressed with this one at all. Other than that, there was the new Pagoda (you have in the States) the Rickshaw, Chinese Takeaway for want of another title, etc. etc. So only two Harrods! Well, as we are not alerted unless we take the time and trouble to find out ourselves, they cannot expect us to run there and purchase.

Anyway, this confirms what you wrote Margaret!