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I have seen one of the new Harrods solids i.e. the tube. Smaller than I expected. Not sure! The bear was not there.

Meanwhile, I also saw the general line which will be on sale in the States. They are really fantastic! Loved the takeaway Chines Box (not sure of the actual name). I did bring a list home but I walked through the park and it was so windy, I think somehow it was blown away.

Can you let me know the prices of the new solids in the States. Then I can compare with the price here. Am not sure if there had been an error with the pricing here so do not want to post until I hear from you. Normally the general line costs double here in the U.K.

Thanks for your help…… Really great solids being released and if they are half the price as here (if the prices here are correct) then……