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Hi Kasi, I have just seen the Harrods solids on Ebay! Amazing! Just released and here they are on Ebay without the boxes! If they were out of Canada I
would say they were direct from the factory there!

Didnt take long and I have never seen this happen with Harrods solids before!

The bus is without the box and listed at £100. Price MIB would be £150. The same applies to the Clock Tower.

The Palace is listed at £150 no boxes. Retail price for this one MIB £350.

Irrespective of my likes or dislikes, the only one worth paying for would be the Palace if no-one bids and if you dont care about the boxes!

Interested to read your comments!

The Bear without the Box did not sell first time around. It was listed at £100.

Am wondering who this seller is and where she is getting the ''rejects'' from. They have no boxes so have to be rejects!

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