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Hi Gail C.! (And all the solid people)
I called harrods last friday 4:00 a.m. pst.(pacific standard time) there are 2 ways
of calling.
I picked SPRINT the call was only $1.69 per minute IF I PLACED THE CALL MYSELF,..if I used the operator it would be $6.50 (for connection) and an additional $1.69 per minute. As I was speaking to the sweet operator for all internation calls he was training me on how to do it since I had never called before.Always
shop arond calling the operator (2) NEVER let them place the call for you because you have to pay more……Since I live in california Icalled 10-10-33-3 the first four number represents the Long Distance Company (SPRINT-is the cheapest) ,.. 011-44-20-7730-1234 this is the number to Harrods which includes the country code and all thhat good stuff,…now remember this is to place the call yourself. GOOD LUCK…..AND THEY DO HAVE MORE BEARS YEAH!!! I apoke to Daisy Estridge …..

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