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Well Gallina at least you have the catalogue, I still haven't received one. I had to call Alison at Harrods to get the number as I was in a panic I'd miss out. The shop did have a very limited supply. They didn't even have one on display stock was so limited. I didn't actually see it until the IPBA convention which EL came to! It seems very a very shambolic way to sell if you ask me. But…who am I, they seem to be all but sold out so what do I know!

The first I heard of this catalogue was on this site! Why send it out to only some of their cutomers? I did receive a brochure but there are no EL products in it. That's why I couldn't wait any longer so called Alison.

My usual SA is Marilyn (others from this site may know her too) but she is off recovering from cancer so I wish her a speedy recovery. I hear she is doing well. Let's hope it continues.