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Aussie Girl
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I haven’t had any problems with Harrods at all. Initially I emailed them & like everyone else got no reply whatsoever. I then rang them from Australia & spoke to Magosia & bought last years bear which arrived safely charged to my Diners Club with no problems. This year I rang again & ordered the 3 Harrods specials plus 3 of the others & knowing I was to be in London for Christmas I asked her to keep them for me & I would pick them up myself. This all happened without a problem. I met her & although she had been holding them for 3-4 months for me she let me exam each one to make sure I was happy & suggested that if I had changed my mind on any of them I didn’t have to take them. Everything worked beautifully & she always sends me any new brochures or info. It seems a shame to miss out on your Harrods solids & I would strongly suggest you ring, ask for Molgosia & only deal with her – there are a number of Estee Lauder counters in Harrods with lots of casual staff, she is a little more mature & permanent than most of the other young girls – anyway Good Luck.