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'Petals' wrote on '30:

All I can say is that it was a pity we did not have more input from you all on the site at the time when these other item bears were being listed! Thanks to various collectors and concerned U.K. collectors, the sale of those 'illegal' bears have been noted. It's all very well getting excited about new releases but on the other side of the coin, you wouldn't have new releases if everyone sat back and did nothing!

What I've never understood is why collectors would purchase ANY solids that were supposedly “pre-released.” Wouldn't your head tell you that Estee Lauder does not auction off solids or anything else on the Bay? Therefore, it's someone who has access to figures that are possibly knock-off's or…unfinished solid figurals that have been surreptitiously obtained.

Plus, Estee Lauder is a full-fledged member of the VERO program…they are supposed to monitor and catch these things themselves. They have an entire department or 2 (one is located in the UK) dedicated to just what Jacky is doing. Why are they not doing anything?

Just because many of us are in the US, we can still access Harrod's website. At least…I can.

That said, we do have to thank Petals for all her covert work on our behalf. :ph34r: It truly is appreciated. It's just sad that consumers must do all the work.

'nough said, as usual. All this is just, of course, IMHO! 🙂