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🙄 just to let you all know, I went to Harrods and bought the 2011 bear legally for the normal retail price, I didn't even take advantage of not having to pay the VAT . . .

Ok, so I didn't know one has to carry ID when making a purchase in order to get a form to claim the VAT. Things are sure different in the mother country! Plus, the rule is the retail store has to agree to refund the VAT, which Harrods does, BUT takes a cut out of it for giving you the paperwork . . . Almost half !

Sounds like I'm whinging? Over here (yes, I am back in Sydney now), you only have to show the receipt and goods when you leave the country and you get the full GST (VAT equivalent) returned to you. Over there, a store receipt and goods are not accepted at the airport, so not many travelers would know this unless they read the rules on the internet as this is information is not offered in any store, hence no queueing (line up) at the VAT refund office! I think that was the plan! 😡

On a good note, however, it was satisfying looking and then buying the bear, though it seemed I knew more about the EL solids than the lady who sold it to me . . . 😮

I guess I should have dragged Jacky along with me just for moral support !