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'MitziMay' wrote on '05:

Hi Lisa

I do appreciate your comments about buying/selling samples and your wise advice to ask questions before purchasing. The difference with the 2011 SP Bears sold on ebay in August is that the sale(s) were illegal as the Bear had not been released. I hope you will appreciate that myself and others were only trying to alert members to that fact while also setting wheels in motion for Estee Lauder and Harrods to take action. I personally spoke to Harrods who unlike ebay, were extremely concerned at what was going on.

Kindest regards



MitziMay… from what I can tell the sale was not illegal… I don't believe anyone buying or selling would get arrested…. maybe it's not right but we can't call it illegal.

I can't count the times I have tried to contact EL… never, ever got a response…