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Have just caught up, but not yet fully digested, everything that has been written since I last visited!

Just by way of conversation, I shall be walking through Hyde Park and thereonafter into Harrods later this morning. It will be interesting to have a chat once there!

Re the comment that E.L. doesn't care, and not wishing to labour a point, I think that our brand/version of E.L. do care! Had you been in the U.K. and seen the emails flying back and forth (not to mention the verbal conversations) I think this would have given you all a different take on the matter. Last but not by any way least, the fact that auctions by these sellers were being cancelled or replaced by resin bears (being sold at ridiculous prices due to their lack of knowledge re these items i.e. the sellers in the States) I am sure our Collectors would have been really heartened. I think we in the U.K. have every right to defend our side of argument! After all we have always stood up for what we believe to be right and just, hence Great Britain 😉

So on that point I shall go soldiering (marching) on, waving my flag and enjoying the green, green grass of home!


Zooey, thanks for the information. You have a wealth of information to share and I for one, will now be listing under…Tom, Dick or Harry?!