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Ann and Ken
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'judys' wrote on '18:

Hi! I am new to the board. I collect Harrods memorabilia and have all of the Harrods exclusive solids. I received Archie today and he is beautiful. Unfortunately I believe there is a problem and I wanted to check with those of you who have received yours already. Archie arrived without the outer box. Every solid I have has come in the same white outer box. I have all of my solids displayed and do not buy them for resale — but these are collectibles and should not arrive with anything missing. I would really appreciate it if someone would let me know if their bear came with the outer box. Thanks so much!!!!

All the new (2010) solids I have recieved have a white sleeve instead of the white box. Yours is missing.

Neiman Marcus in Texas threw theirs away and had to scramble to find some from other stores to satisfy the collectors that wanted them.