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I also did not get any frames or anything else from Saks- is it possible to get a photo of the frame? At the time I was spending $1000 I was promised gifts but got ziltch, zero, nothing.

I was also so very upset about the mess up on the friends and family night thing, I called and spoke to a SA and asked if anything could be done because I was told it wasn't happening and then it did. I already got the $100 gift card but would have saved an additional $100 (who wouldn't want that??) I was told “sorry nothing we can do” I think something should have and could have been done but too much work for the SA and what do they care- they already have the commission check. My business will not go to that store anymore, I will deal now deal with the person who calls and informs me- Miss Gini and Shari at NM is always fantastic.

I think EL should have a program where if a person buys the entire exclusive solid collection then something really special should be given as a gift. Think about it- it would be good for their business as the person getting 4 out of five soilds may change their minds and get all 5. Also if the collector gets the whole kit and kaboodle (Saks, NM, general dist. & Harrods) then the solids should be packaged up from NY (all of them at once) and their should be a special signed certificate and special thank you gift- I mean we are talking a purchase of substantial $$ and we are loyal customers. It would just be soooo very nice.

OK, now somone wake me up! <img src='style_emoticons//laugh.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’laugh.gif’ />