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Thanks Denise for your thoughts and post!!

Well Lisa, to put you in the picture just quickly, 26th January is Australia Day, and it initally came about because it was the day that the first fleet landed here in 1788.

Today we have to be politically correct, and these days we are celebrating 'being Australian' and what it means. We decided against giving it up as a public holiday and to retain it as our heritage (even though we accept it might not be our real heritage) because we still feel that we should have a day that is ours to celebrate our wonderful country.

Our nation is built on many peoplee from all areas of the world bringing their talents and gifts to our country and sharing them. We are extremely multi-cultural and extremely tolerant of all races and creeds. This is what we are supposed to be celebrating, but of course I can't speak for everyone . . . .

Karen, Fee, Dante and any other Aussie's please – feel free to answer the question!